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Now available inside of the ordering process, you have access to all of the features, quantities, and capabilities that Sunstone has to offer online with the connection to the PCBpro® quoting form directly inside of PCB123 version 5.5.

Only PCB123 has the time-saving processes from over 40 years of PCB manufacturing expertise built right in:

Take advantage of all the manufacturing options Sunstone has to offer (capabilities, quantities etc.) with the PCBpro option in the order process. *NEW

Improved polygon functions for merging, clipping and optimizing more complex designs. *NEW
Gerber files free with every PCB123 order. Keep your files up to date with the the actual Gerber files your boards were manufactured from. Simply email with your order number to receive your free Gerber files. Gerbers are $100 without an order.  

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Enhanced User controls (Faster rendering, smoother drag and drop, more zoom control, unified control panels.

Slots and Cutouts available in parts definitions
Keep layout, schematic, and BOM in-sync and up-to-date, automatically
Quote prototype boards in real-time and order from within the application
Be confident in manufacturability with built-in DFM, DRC, availability

What designers have to say about v5.5
"Eagle Harbor (EHT) provides innovative solutions for pulsed power applications" EHT has delivered on R&D contracts for DOE, NASA and DOD. Our products rely on innovative PCB designs that must withstand operation at voltages up to 40 kV, while minimizing stray inductance and capacitance. To achieve these design goals, EHT designs with circular and ring-like layouts, and complex curved copper shapes. When our designs started stressing PCB123, the engineering team at Sunstone quickly started working with us by adding additional review steps to catch potential problems. Meanwhile, they analyzed PCB123, implementing new features that allow us to more easily design our particular PCBs."